Day 2: Spotting @ Rainbow Canyon

After spending the night at Ridgecrest, we went to Father Crowley Point aka Rainbow Canyon aka Star Wars Canyon aka The Jedi Transition to see some action underneath us from aircraft flying between the steep walls of the canyon.

The only thing that we saw were 2 “blackbirds” (male and female i think 😉 ), 1 Royal Australian Air Force EA-18G A46-302 (this is the 2nd built Growler for the RAAF) and a T-38 from Edwards Air Force Base (couldn’t read the serial because he flew too high)
High in the sky was much more action, but too far away to take decent pictures.

Note: The Growler that we saw was the 2nd build from a total of 12 ordered by the RAAF.
They will be based @ Amberly AFB near Brisbane, Australia

And at the end of the day, 3 mice were keeping us company ;).

Happy mice watching 😉

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1 Royal Australian Air Force EA-18G A46-302

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