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Hello all,

Spottertrips.eu will stop all activities with immediate effect due to unspecified circumstances.
This decision was not taken from one day to the next, but has been dragging on for some time.
Not everyone will be able to understand this situation, but we can not help, for which we apologize.

How should it continue?

Anyone who has made a booking and paid it will receive the full amount refunded to his / her account by the end of this month.

The News & Movements group will continue to exist on Facebook.
All Spottertrips.eu accounts on the various social media will disappear completely.

We want to thank everyone who has participated in our trips in the past 14 years, the support we have received during this entire period and of course my guides who have always done their utmost to make it to your liking during the trips. .

If there are any further questions regarding all this, you can send an email to michael@spottertrips.eu until the end of March.

Afterwards this address will also be deleted. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Spottertrips.eu team !!!